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“Suite Dreams” – 10 luxury hotels in Venice

Venice, a city of legendary beauty and history, one of the most magical, fascinating and romantic destinations in the world with a setting and an atmosphere hard to beat. Yet, if you wish to make your stay in the sinking-city even more special and unforgettable, willing to splash out some Euros, check out these top luxury hotels and get ready to indulge in a truly de luxe Venice experience.
Hotel Cipriani €630(super saver) – over €3000pn

Away from the hustle and bustle of Venice, set in lush gardens, you would probably feel …

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Panevin: celebrating the Epiphany

The Christmas holiday is not officially over until the Epiphany arrives, the 6th of January, when La Befana rules and the traditional “panevin” is lit, a bonfire those meanings are deeply rooted both in pagan and catholic beliefs.

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Fun day-out in Veneto – The Top 3 Theme Parks

You may know Veneto for its sights or its natural attractions but Veneto offers also lots of opportunities for a fun day out. Take a day off from sightseeing, escape the heat from the city or break the boring, beach-day’s routine and check out some of the best Veneto Theme Parks. There is plenty to enjoy out there, not only for kiddies ‘n families, some of these amusement parks are adrenaline junkies-proof.

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Fly through a 3D Venice with Google Earth

Take a virtual tour of Venice on 3D thanks to Google Earth and explore the city from a new, unique perspective. At least now you could get a real glimpse of Venice from your computer without spending a dime.

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The coolest day-trip to Mount Grappa

As summer temperatures continue to rise, it couldn’t help but escape to the coolest spots: the Veneto Mountains. But, if you find yourself in the heart of Veneto, there’s no need to get stuck in the traffic jams on the roads leading to the Dolomites mobbed by weekenders, a short drive from picturesque Bassano del Grappa the Mount Grappa will do!

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The charm of Venice, the vibrant colours of Burano and the peacefulness of the lagoon.