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Let’s spritz!

4 December 2009 No Comment

What best than celebrate the start of our new virtual adventure than with a toast with a favorite, if not the one, aperitif in Veneto: the Spritz.


A late afternoon aperitivo, simple but stylish, slightly bitter but refreshing. There are several ways to make the spritz but basically is a mix of Prosecco (a typical bubbly white wine), with a touch of sparkling water, topped with Campari, Select or Aperol, some cubes of ice, a slice of lemon or orange and, for a flashier touch, a green olive.  

If you don’t have prosecco any sparkling white wine will do the trick and that’s also part of the appeal of the spritz: is so easy that you can even make it at home. It’s simply a suave way to start your evening but it’s so good that after one you feel like to have another one, it just makes you to want more.

The spritz might be also so popular as it blend so smoothly into the Italian culture of gathering in the piazza to see and be seen with the excuse of an aperitif. There is even a Facebook application and a Spritzomani fan page with over 6000 fan. Maybe it’s its orangish-red color that make it so fun.

If there might be a “must-do” on your visit to Veneto this is the one to try, salute!

Where is the best place to enjoy a good spritz?

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