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Sensational Venice Carnival 2010

5 February 2010 No Comment

If I said Carnival which city would it evokes? Not Rio, remember this is a blog about Veneto.. hellooo?

Of course, Venice where else, this world-famous, old-centuries event that at its origin enabled people of all social classes to mix and mischief together (the masks helped people remain anonymous ) which takes place in the stunning setting of the only pedestrian and maybe also the most romantic city in the world.


Are you planning to be among the thousands folks that, as last year, will gather along Venice streets? Surely every “calle”, bridge even the canals will be packed with parades of peculiar and fascinating costumes heading, like a wildebeest’s charge, towards the hub of this event in St Mark’s square and, if that wouldn’t be enough, you will have to brave also the cold, but Venice’s Carnival is a truly, unique experience.


This year Venezia 2010 Carnival “Sensation – 6 Sensi x 6 Sestieri” will start from tomorrow to the 16th of February and, as the name suggest, each “sestiero” (districts) will focus on shows on one of the five senses: Santa Croce on smell (maybe the one of the frittelle?), Dorsoduro on touch (watch out for Casanova alike, just kidding), Cannaregio on taste, San Polo on sight and Castello on sound, an intriguing promise of entertainment.

One of the most awaited event and the symbol of the opening of the carnival, the “Flight of the Dove” or “of the Angel” will take place Sunday the 7th at noon. Originally, white birds were released from the top of St Mark’s 90mt tower but in the last years it has been featuring a young lady guest-star that, like an angel, would “flies” from the Tower, above the curious crowd, till reaching the ground.

venezia, il volo dell'angelo

As usual there will be many parties around “la Laguna” from costume pageants balls and events like the prestigious Grand Ball of the Mascheranda, a magical night of Gala Dinner and show in the elegant Pisani Moretta Palace overlooking the Grand Canal, an enchanting event reserved to few willing to stump up €600 each for the night (including hiring of a costume) or if you have your own only €390. Alternatives, try a fancy dressed Hot Chocolate at the most celebrated hotel in Venice, The Danieli, at € 50 .

Probably not everyone cup of tea but no worry there will be also free concerts, daily shows for the amuse of the kids and, if you are looking to get wild at night with or without mask, there will be many carnival parties spread out during those two weeks in the mainland  in vary clubs and villa like the one in Villa Razzolini Loredan in Asolo.

Nevertheless if you really want to soak up all the charm and great vibes of Venice, make sure you come back after the bustle of the Carnival, on a “quieter” day, to explore the City of the Lagoon.


  • Dates of the carnival are dictated by the Easter so they change every year;
  • The nearest and only parking in Venice is in Piazzale Roma but expect long queues during pick events like the Carnival. You could park at the Autorimessa Comunale ASM at €24 a day or at Garage San Marco at €30, some spaces can be booked online, but it’s advisable to reach Venice by public transfer.
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