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Fall in love in Verona

16 February 2010 No Comment

Valentine ’s Day, for many a minefield, others looked at it with disdain of a huge marketing campaign, maybe a day invented by the greeting cards company? Others felt the romance in the air on this special day.

For Chris and I, the V-Day was a great way to experience Verona romantic sights but also to play tourists and visit some of its popular attractions. That’s right, many sightseeing in Verona, as in other cities around Italy, participated to the event “Fall in love with art” promoting 2-for-1 on admissions to many museums and attractions.

Verona (61)

The views from the Torre dei Lamberti (€6)

Verona got even behind it, offering many free events as part of the 5 th edition of Verona in Love, a festival of Love which featured free street entertainments, contests like “Dear Juliet”, an award to the most romantic and beautiful letters written by you, and free movies.

The city, setting of Shakespeare most celebrated play Romeo and Juliet, could not miss out the opportunity to open the door of the legendary Juliet’s House and her tomb as freebies too.

Verona (21)

We spent a lovely day wandering around the historic city center which was set up for the special occasion with heart-shaped designs and a market featuring heart shape products in Piazza dei Signori. We even tried our luck rubbing the right breast of Juliet’s bronze statue in the courtyard of her house and….

Verona (92)

If you were lonely, there was something for you too: free hugs for him and her thanks to a generous couple sharing their love!

Verona (17)


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