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Alice in wonderland? Nop we are only among the “Cave di Rubbio”

16 March 2010 No Comment

Lying in the peaceful mountains of the Asiago plateau, in the small village of Conco in the district of Rubbio, are the out-of-the-ordinary works of art of Toni Zarpellon, local painter and sculputor from Bassano del Grappa that found in some abandoned quarries his own inspiring atelier.

Locals and school’s groups flock in hundreds every year to see the Cava Dipinta and Cava Abitata; yet it’s an artistic site off the beaten track of the major itineraries of Veneto.

The Cava Dipinta (Painted Cave) go back to the ’89 and it’s an intriguing explosion of colours that bring up faces and shapes from the gray rocks; a place of fantasy which arouse curiosity and amusement to the visitors.

However the second cave is a complete different experience. The Cava Abitata (Inhabited Cave), those works started a couple of years later from the Cava Dipinta, is made up by 150 old, rusty car tanks which, to me, suggested the shape of a skull and conveyed a distressing feeling. Maybe that’s exactly the artist aim, to pass on his torment of seeing the car and the technology taking over the nature and the values of his tradition.

There is also a third quarry, Cava Laboratorio (laboratory) which is a work in progress for the visitors to delight in the art and get inspired by their feelings and the surrounded landscape.

There is no ticket or opening hours to the Cave, it’s just there, free in the middle of the nature as the artist wanted. This out-in-the-open atelier is about 20km from Bassano del Grappa at 1000mt of altitudes towards the Monte Caina.

You might be also lucky to stumble upon the artist wandering around the place which he will be more than happy to guide you through his works and telling the story of his life.


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