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Venice – “People Mover” a completely new way to get around the “City on Water”

26 April 2010 No Comment

The fake overseas Venice in Las Vegas has one already running through it but this time the monorail has finally landed also to the authentic Venice making it an epic change in the “city on water” where before the only two ways to get around it were either by boat or on your own feet, not anymore! Even if it’s only for a short distance, since last Monday this monorail connects riders to 3 hotspots of the city,  Piazzale Roma and its train station to Tronchetto Island with a stop on the way at the Maritime Station, along 857 meters in only 3 minutes making it up to several “up and down” Venice bridges and making it easier and cheaper also for people embarking on cruises.

The “People Mover”, that’s the funicular’s service boring name or locally already renamed it the “trenino”, is elevated at an average of 5mt high above the ground, racing along at a speeds up to 26 kmph and made up by two modern and aerodynamic automatic tram-style that can carry up to 200 passengers per ride and 3000 per hour each direction.

For a long 2 years of never-ending works, costing it over 23million euros, tickets are surely very reasonable and appealing at €1 euro per ride or €15 for a monthly ticket available also at the vending machines at the starting and ending points.

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