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Rosolina Mare kite-flying is taking off

6 May 2010 No Comment

Don’t freak out if you might notice UFO, giant octopus or strange animals flying this weekend above your head in the blue sky of Rosolina Mare.

photo by Rosolina Mare Lido

This Saturday and Sunday the 8th -9th of May, the Wind Festival is back and will blow above the 8km long stretch of Rosolina Mare beach in 2-days of enchanting events.

If you think kite-flying is a child’s thing, then look no further and attend this spectacular, colorful festival that will see the sky of this part of the Adriatic Sea packed with extravaganza with wonderful inflatable kites of different sizes and shapes and other-worldly creatures jostling for their space in the blue.

Against this peaceful setting there will be also the excitement of aerial combats with the traditional Japanese monsters-kites, the Rokkaku.

The event will include also photos and sculptures’ exhibitions, kids and grown-up’s kite-making workshops and kite-flying demos. On Saturday, when nightfall comes, the entertainment will carry on with illuminated kites shining high in the dark sky.

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