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[25 May 2010 | No Comment | ]
Traveling Smarter – Free WI-FI around Vicenza

Italy is catching on with the modern web world and good news is that connecting to the internet with your laptop or phone in some areas of Veneto is no longer a premium product where cafes and hotels would overcharge travelers.

After Venice gone Digital Citizenship, now you could stay connected while shopping or sightseeing around Vicenza throughout these free WI-FI spots:

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[7 May 2010 | No Comment | ]
Venice WI-FI – Let’s stay connected

There was a time when surfing the net in the City of Water meant expensive hours wasted on an Internet café.
Nowadays many accommodations in Venice, if not all, offer WI-FI access to guests, sometimes even FREE, in the comforts of their rooms but the city is taking a step further with Digital Citizenship transforming Venice into a traveler-smart’s destination.
Venice just got fully wired which means travel geeks and not-so could now connect to many WI-FI spots around the city while on the move. That will enable them to stay connected …

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[29 Apr 2010 | No Comment | ]
I-Padova – your audio guided tours around Padua

We step already into an era of Pod-domination and Italy is trying to catching it up with the new way of getting information “on-the-go”.
The city of Padua, in the heart of Veneto, has launched 5 podcasts for travelers wishing to discover Padua at their own leisure.

These audio tours will guide the visitor around the city of Padua on 5 tourist trails:

from the Roman Arena to the caffè Pedrocchi
the Palazzo della Ragione and the squares around it
the jewish Ghetto and the Reggia Carrarese
the Prato della Valle and the Cittadella Antoniana
the Walls …

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[26 Apr 2010 | No Comment | ]
Venice – “People Mover” a completely new way to get around the “City on Water”

The fake overseas Venice in Las Vegas has one already running through it but this time the monorail has finally landed also to the authentic Venice making it an epic change in the “city on water” where before the only two ways to get around it were either by boat or on your own feet, not anymore! Even if it’s only for a short distance, since last Monday this monorail connects riders to 3 hotspots of the city,  Piazzale Roma and its train station to Tronchetto Island with a stop on …