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Do you want to be part of We Love Veneto community sharing your passion for this region and in building a truly, virtual, local guide about Veneto?

Let’s see if you have what it takes? Have you been travelling to Veneto or do you live there? What do you do at best? Sample the local cuisine, discover places off the tourist track, sightseeing? Are you a curious traveller, an adventurer or a local expert? If Veneto was or still is the setting to any of this, and everything else in between, then you are perfect for the job!

No matter what your travel style, neither if you are a professional writer or photographer, we are eager to hear your travel stories, anecdotes, tips and insights.

Want to take a crack to be the author of your own travel story?

There is no restriction on the topics (wait.. it has to be related to Veneto), so whatever gets you excited and you think could raise interest and enthusiasm among our travel readers go for it! Just remember it has to be an honest, soulful post based on your own travel/life experience in Veneto because you “have been there” and be of relevant to the traveller community…. maybe throws in some practical advices, insider tips and a couple of great shots to give that extra reading experience and a flavour of what’s Veneto like. Ah, and think up an easy, catchy title. The length? 400-800 words work perfectly.

Need some ideas? We love destination-, content-specific travel posts:

  • Your top 10…
  • Expats living in Veneto
  • Your top favourite restaurants, bars, clubs
  • Escaping touristy Venice
  • Romantic gateways in Veneto
  • Active holidays ideas (sailing in Garda lake, best treks in the Dolomites or rafting along the Brenta, anyone?)
  • City sightseeing – Vicenza, Padoa, Belluno, Verona…
  • Camping in Veneto
  • Local events, art exhibitions, curious customs..
  • Broadcast on the latest events and travel news
  • Cheap eats as unique dining experiences
  • And your ideas!


There isn’t a writing style set, just give your own personal touch, an original point of views on the subject to grab our readers’ attention. Keep in mind the Italian saying “parla come mangia”, just keep it simple, informal, don’t try to be rhetoric and talk as you would with a friend, giving real advices and creating quality travel posts while capturing a place’s essence.

That’s it. Straightforward and inspiring!


There’s no need to sign in anywhere. Just send us the posts in any text format, html or on an email. Add in your best profile picture, a couple of line of your bio and the link to your blog as you would like to be displayed on the “about the author” …. ah obviously you will retain full rights of your stories and photos shared. Make sure you send us your best snapshots and that you own the rights to anything you submit. Alternatives look around in Flickr Creative Common and send us the link with the pictures you believe enhance your post the best.


Wait, don’t forget to check your spelling and grammar and then just send it off. We will then review it, maybe add here and there some keywords or, if need it, we will do some little changes (prior your permission) and post it when you least expect it! So stay tuned.

Why become a We Love Veneto Guest Author??

Ummm…nop we are not paying you …sorry 🙁 … our bank accounts are already crying out after the big loop RTW and you won’t become famous neither. So why then? Because, like us, you believe the best Veneto travel guide can be created by the little, but precious, contribute of all of us, simple because We Love Veneto and you want to be part of it.

Want to be more creative? Send us a podcast or a short video clip (max 3mins).

Too much hassle? Then why don’t you flow  We Love Veneto Flickr group with your most significant snaps from Veneto or join our Facebook group, that’s only a click away!